Midwest Slammed with Subzero Temps and Heavy Snowfall

Over the weekend, the Midwest got slammed with another winter storm. This system was a combination of heavy snowfall and brutally cold temperatures. The states that got hit the hardest include Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin thus far. Other states have also been impacted by this large system as well.

Indiana: This state has received over 15 inches of snow, and the wind gusts reached up to 35 mph. This means that snow drifts were quite possible, and made driving conditions quite difficult. The governor of the state, Mike Pence, urged residents to stay inside and at home if it was possible. Although the sun was shining, the roads were still very hazardous to drive on. The state also issued a code red, meaning that only emergency vehicles were allowed on the roads. Many of Indiana’s schools, business, and offices were closed on Monday, and some remain closed on Tuesday after a foot of snow was dumped on the state. Almost 40,000 homes and businesses did not have power on Monday afternoon after trees knocked down power lines.

Ohio: Ohio also received a whopping amount of snow for the most of the state, and many parts received up to 14 inches. This caused the need for school closures, and many schools, among Ohio State University and University of Toledo, were closed.

Michigan: There have been at least six deaths across the state due to inclement weather. Governor Rick Snyder urges the state’s residents to stay safe and warm. He also told reporters on Monday that the snowstorm had ended, but now the state is facing record cold temperatures. Michigan has experiencing subzero temperatures since Monday. State offices were closed on Monday, as well as many businesses and plenty of school districts. Some businesses and schools plan to stay closed on Tuesday as well because of the subzero temperatures that are hitting the area hard.

Wisconsin: Residents in this Wisconsin are dealing with temperatures of lower than 50 degrees below in some portions of the state. According to officials, it has been the coldest conditions they have had in almost 20 years. Many children wore extra scarves and extra mittens to brave these miserably cold temperatures. These extreme temps caused hundreds of schools, government offices, and businesses to close. Many places even announced on Sunday that they would be closed both Monday and Tuesday. Many shelters in the area expanded hours in their locations around the state, providing food and a warm place to stay for those who needed it.

Many flights were delayed as well due to these brutal winter weather conditions, and many airports are beginning to provide cots to people whose flights have been delayed for many days. Alabama, Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Virginia were also affected by this polar vortex, but not nearly as harshly as the upper Midwestern states.

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