Polar Vortex Makes Another Round in Midwest This Week

Over the last month, the Midwest and Northeast have undergone excruciating cold temperatures and heavy snowfall. Just as the temperatures were beginning to warm up, they will just as quickly fall yet again. The “polar vortex” that overtook many of the Midwestern states is coming back for another round, and does not plan on leaving anytime soon. Temperature in the upper Midwest have already dropped to below zero, and they will not be rising anytime soon according to the National Weather Service. Many people believed that this so called “polar vortex” was what as breaking records and wreaking havoc, but that is not true. A polar vortex is an area of low lying pressure that usually stays around the Arctic throughout the winter season but does not normally reach the United States. It is the cold air surrounding this pattern that has been causing damage to homes, accidents on roadways, and in severe cases, even death.

Residents in the Midwest are already beginning to experience this chill, as temperatures are dropping into the subzero category already. There have been many temperature records that have broken this season, but below-average temperatures, including those of this month, are definitely in the forecast for this week. This will include residents living in the East, Midwest, and South. Unlike the last cold weather pattern that only lasted a couple of days, this cell could remain hovering over the United States for longer than a week. This is because there are many cold fronts that will take turns dominating each other, therefore extending the system. Cities like Detroit and Chicago will be experiencing quite cold temperatures. The highs for Detroit this week are only predicted to be in the teens, while Chicago could see a high of 28 on Saturday.

This pattern will then move onward into the Northeast by Tuesday. Because these temperatures are below zero, it will definitely increase the chance of large snow accumulations. According to Bob Oravec with the National Weather Service, Washington D.C can expect 3-7 inches, while New York City can expect 4-8 inches. The snow will be able to stick around for an extended amount of time because of how cold these temperatures are going to be. To the displeasure of many, these cold and windy conditions will continue on into the weekend. Because this pattern is hitting an area of large population, even more damage is to be expected on roads and on properties all over the country.

The Southeastern states are not left out of the mix. States like Georgia and Alabama could possibly see temperatures lower into the teens throughout the week and into the weekend. West and Southwestern states such as Texas and Arizona can rest easy through this exciting new weather pattern, as they will continue to see dry and warm conditions throughout the week. Stay tuned to your local weather channel to receive any updates that may occur in your area!

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