New Year and Record Cold Temps Across the United States

Cold weather has been especially brutal in 2013, and the beginning of the year will continue on these arctic cold temperatures. For many cities east of the Rockies, the first week or so of 2014 will feature much more of the bitter cold air coming from the southern region of Canada. The chill is expected to continue to be miserable for many residents living in the north-central states. International Falls, Minnesota, which is already known as the “Icebox of the Nation” has reached the 30’s below zero in December, setting a new record. On Thursday morning, the city set a daily record low temp of 42 degrees below zero.

The core of this cold air system will remain focused on parts of the Midwest and Northeast as we end this week. Friday morning, lows will stay in the single digits and teens below zero. These extremely cold temperatures will affect parts of the Upper Midwest and Northern New England. New England has also been dealing with brunt of each winter storm this season, receiving the most snow. Lows in the single digits and teens above zero will be more than common among the Mississippi and Ohio Valleys, and along the I-95 corridor of the northeast.

Areas from Boston, to New York and Philadelphia will see highs in the teens on Friday, while single-digit highs will overtake areas just to the north and western regions. Subzero highs will grip much of northern New England and the Adirondacks. Into Friday night and Saturday morning, these lows will plunge into the single digits again in states like New York and Massachusetts. New York City and Boston will deal with widespread lows of 10 to 30 below zero. Unfortunately, another cold air system will arrive this weekend and will continue on into the next week.

This will send temperatures 25 to 40 below zero across the Midwest by the start of next week. Near the Canadian Border, North Dakota and Minnesota may see highs in the teens below zero, but a few places may possibly fail to warm above – 20 by Sunday and Monday. Minneapolis will see lows in the -20s for the start of the next full workweek. In Chicago, the high temperature wise may even fail to warm above zero. This will be the first time in almost five years! These miserably cold conditions are expected to move southeast into the Ohio Valley, and into the Northeast by the middle of next week. The morning lows on Tuesday may reach down below zero as far South as the Ohio River, if not further. Lows for the southern states could include single digits and the teens above zero.

In situations like these, it is important to be prepared for any type of emergency that may occur. Having an emergency plan and kit on hand is always a good idea. Also, stay tuned to your local weather authority for any changes that might occur in your area.

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