How to Choose the Right Toilet for Your Home

If you think that toilets may not flush as well as they used to, than you are right. Because the industry is more focused on efficiency, many toilets cannot flush as well as they used to. You used to be able to flush nearly anything down the toilet and it would not overflow, this is not the case anymore. Here are some simple tips to help you better understand how toilets work, and how to choose the best toilet for your home.

Gravity Toilets:

Gravity toilets can be explained by just looking at its name. These plumbing systems depend upon gravity to pull the waste and water through the toilet. By pushing down on the toilet handle, it forces open the valve to which the water and waste travels through. The result is the water that is in the tank draining into the toilet bowl. From there, the water then drains through a large siphon jet opening and rim openings. With the help of the gravity, the water gains enough speed to clear the air from the internal toilet trap, and pull the water and waste through the drain easily. Old toilet systems worked in essentially the same way, but they used much more water to get the job done. In many toilets, the water level can be adjusted. If the toilet doesn’t flush well, usually the water level can be adjusted to fix the issue.

How to Keep the Toilet Clear:

The honest truth is that no matter how much you adjust the flow of the toilet, you will still encounter a clog. That is why it is always a good idea to be familiar with a plunger and how to use it. This also means that you have to watch what you put in the toilet. This means only the obvious needs to be put in the toilet, and not any diapers, sanitary products, etc. Also, make sure you do not let a lot of toilet paper build up in your toilet. If you are having issues and your gravity toilet doesn’t help, you may want to invest in a power-assist toilet. With a power-assist, compressed air is used to make certain that the wastes go down the drain. The downside of these toilets is that they may be expensive, and they also can be very noisy.

There are other special kinds of toilets, such as toilets with heated seats and other special features that can be specialized for each person. It is your personal choice what kind of toilet you need in your home or business, and you can always call a plumber for tips on what kind of toilet you may want to use.

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