Checklist To Get Your Home Ready For Cold Weather and Winter Temperatures

With winter approaching us quickly, it is now time to consider winter weatherization for our homes and apartments. Winter weatherization can save you money on your heating bill, and as you probably know, heating your home or apartment in the winter can be quite expensive. In this article we will discuss several low cost home winter home weatherization tips that will save you a lot of money on your seasonal heating bills and make your home more energy efficient. Most of the tips that will be discussed here can be implemented by even the most cost conscious home owner or renter. Keep in mind that some of these tips if you are a renter will need to be run by your landlord if you are a renter.

• Install a door sweep
If you can see underneath your door, this is a major heat loss area for your home. During the winter heat will escape through every opening available, so if you can actually see through the gap under your door, this is one of your major heat loss points. At your local hardware store you can find a door sweep, which is also known as a winter weather strip. It attaches to your door with tape or glue and acts as a buffer or guard against air flow exchange from the outside to the inside.

• Caulk your windows
If your windows are especially drafty, you may have some seals that are not air tight, leading to heat loss and drafts. One simple solution which does not cost more than 20 dollars to do is to simple caulk the windows witch have poor seals. Caulk will cost between $6.00 and $8.00. You will also require a caulk gun, which will run you about $7.00 to $12.00 depending on the model and which store you buy it at. This will prevent cold air from entering your home from your windows and help save on your heating bills. The next tip below will add an extra layer of protection to your windows.

• Plastic over your windows
Windows are one of the leading causes of heat loss in any home or apartment. Windows are generally thin and glass can conduct the cold quite readily. Even with a storm window in place, this is one area of major heat loss for most home owners, unless you have Energy Star–rated windows. The good thing about window plastic is that it is reusable every year if it is properly cared for and stored after the cold season ends, and it is also extremely easy to install, and it is also a low cost method to save on your heating bill, given that a single roll which can cover 3 to 4 windows costs as low as $8.00. You can install this simple winter weatherization method with tape or a hair dryer. Most people can cover all their windows in under 2 hours.

• Thermostat tips.
Many people when they leave the house for work make the mistake of turning the thermostat off, then when they return home they dial the thermostat to max in an attempt to rapidly heat the home. turning the thermostat all the way up will not actually heat your home any quicker, in fact it will stress out your heating system and lead to higher heating bills. Instead of turning the thermostat off during the day, leave it on a low setting such as 65 degrees. Another option is to purchase a “smart thermostat” or a programmable thermostat. These thermostats will begin to rise the heat slowly in your home an hour or two before you are due to return home, allowing you to come home to a warm home without higher heating bills.

Follow these simple tips and you will save a lot of money on your home heating bills and have a warmer home or apartment this winter season. For more energy efficiency, schedule a home energy check up with your local energy star expert professional. You may even qualify for a state or federal grant or low interest loan for winter weatherization improvements to your home.

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